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CC Motorbike Training

Quality Motorcycle Training in Poole & New Milton


Learning to ride a motorcycle or scooter can be a fun & exciting experience. At CC Motorbike Training we are passionate about motorcycles & our aim is always to provide a fun & stress free experience.

So whether you need a CBT to ride your first moped or need to gain a full licence to realise your dream of owning a Harley or superbike let CC Motorbike Training take the stress out of learning to ride!

Our team of instructors will ensure that you have a safe, successfull & above all a fun experience!

Your Motorcycle Training Options


CBT allows you to ride a motorcycle or scooter of up to 125 cc (50cc at 16) with "L" plates

Full A1 Licence allows you to ride up to 125cc without "L" plates meaning you can carry a passenger & use Motorways. Minimum age is 17

Full A2 Licence allows you to ride a motorcycle of up to 47 bhp (35 kw). Minimum age is 19.

Full A Licence allows you to ride any size bike. Mininum age is 24 if Direct Access [DAS] or 21 if through Progressive Access [PAS].


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